JSC Upward Bound At A Glance:

- Free College Bound Services

- Residential Summer Academic Program 

- College Tours and Visits

 - SAT Preparation

- Community Service Opportunities

- Cultural Enrichment Experiences

- Educational Stipends

- Year Round Academic Support

- Weekly School Year Center Meetings

- Career and Leadership Development

- Scholarship and Financial Aid Workshops

- Recommendations for College and Scholarship Applications

- Support and assistance in completing all college and scholarship applications

- Bridge program for recent graduates as they prepare for their freshman year


How We Help Students and Their Families:

- We provide PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP and College Application fee waivers for our students.

- We provide Princeton Reviewed SAT Preparation classes to our rising Juniors during the summer program.

- We provide guidance and support for college and financial aid applications.

- We provide scholarships to students who successfully complete the Upward Bound program and go on to college.

- We provide support for students and families when selecting colleges and looking at financial aid packages.

- We maintain relationships with alumni and provide support throughout college.

- We provide opportunities for employment and growth to alumni, as we aim to hire as many alumni as we can for residential positions during the summer program.

Culinary Institute of America

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